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Welcome to the Massive Open Online Course on Music Teaching for Life Skills and Resiliency

What is Movement?

Movement is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Based on the idea that music is a way to discover and be an active part of the world, Movement supports true cross-sectoral cooperation in order to empower schools in designing and using an innovative multi-perspective non-traditional approach in music teaching.
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For whom is the MOOC on Music Teaching for Life Skills and Resiliency?

Massive Open Online Course is for music teachers (including school teachers and teachers from non-formal education); teachers of traditional disciplines, musicians and school management interested in bringing non-traditional music teaching in their schools.

What is the MOOC on Music Teaching for Life Skills and Resiliency?

The MOOC is offering a guide for the implementation of non-traditional music teaching in different, multifaceted, school settings. At the same time it offers a space for in depth analysis and further elements linked to sustainability and community approach.

The training course requires registration and provides a release of a certificate. It can be carried out in multiple sessions depending on the availability of those who intend to follow it.

What are the contents of the MOOC on Music Teaching for Life Skills and Resiliency?

  • Theory
    Presentation of the Framework Study by the associated professor Gianni Nuti, University of Valle D’Aosta.
  • Experiences
    Exchange of the Best Practices of teaching by the Movement Partners.
  • Impact kit
    About Evaluation of the development of Life Skills and Resiliency.
  • From Theory to Practice
    Targeting new ways of teaching.
  • Working with a non-traditional curriculum
    How to design a curriculum for all?
  • Questionnaire
    Here you have some questions to get the certificate!

Is the MOOC entirely in English?

The MOOC texts are in English, but the video content was made in the original language by the experts and partners. We therefore recommend using the subtitles with automatic translation that can be activated from the settings in the lower right corner

What should I do to obtain the MOOC certificate of attendance?

To obtain the digital certificate of attendance, it is necessary to follow each section of the course and view all text and video materials. The MOOC will always be accessible and there is no time constraint to complete the course.

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